Reata Whippet Racing Group

Sighthound Racing and Coursing Competition in Utah


Count Basie Racing Association (COBRA) - New Jersey. Contact - Frank Powers,

Central Coast Association of Sighthounds (CCASH) - California. Contact - Lori Silvestri,

Lehigh Valley Coursing Club (LVCC) - New Jersey. Contact - Terri Jones,

Mid-Atlantic Italian Greyhound Club (MIGC) - New Jersey. Contact - Terri Jones,

Racing and Coursing Enthusiasts (RACE) - California.  Contact - Audrey Hsia,      

Reata Whippet Racing Group (RWRG) - Utah. Contact - Jack Lewis,

Southern Idaho Sighthound Fanciers Association (SISFA) - Idaho. Contact - Corrine Miller,

Southern Oregon Racing and Coursing Association (SORCA) - Oregon. Contact - Ann Chamberlain,