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Sighthound Racing and Coursing Competition in Utah


Nice day of racing and practice/conditioning

Posted by William Lewis on August 8, 2010 at 6:56 PM

August 7 saw a day considerably cooler than the hot monsoon days of the past two weeks and the hounds that joined us for racing and practice runs enjoyed it immensely!  On the racing front, the Nieminski Family celebrated the debut of their gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Kenya and Reggie, in LGRA racing.  Both ran extremely well, true and straight, and focused on that lure with Kenya edging out Reggie each of the three runs.  NASR Competition saw Sam and Loki move closer to their Single Racer Championship (SRC) and Carrie Nanney never looked prouder.  Ann Tylutki's Sneek debuted in NASR this day and did not disappoint, showing speed, focus and heart.  We also saw many other folks out with their hounds to enjoy practice runs.

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