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Oval Practice had its problems but still a success!

Posted by William Lewis on August 15, 2010 at 8:57 PM

Thank you to all who came to experience our first oval set up in over a year, today, August 15.  We thought our batteries could be a problem, but the real culprit was our new line.  It just wasn't "seasoned" enough to handle drag lure duty and in turn caused our batteries to go down.  Then we at least switched back to a "continuous" set up and quickly got through the day even with the help of our '62 Dodge Polara 500 battery, go figure.  We had a lot of sweet running hounds out there today.  We were very proud of our Vinnie who smoked the track so consistently - my times of him were only off by .17 of a second, so he obviously doesn't care if we run drag or lure.  Khaos, Draco, Willow and Cyber were also awesome on the oval as were Irva's Ibizan and new whippet youngster!  Of course, Irva's Ryan knew his way around the oval even if he insisted that Mom be there to root him on.  Therese and Michelle's Saluki's certainly knew what they were doing as did Carrie's Sam and Loki, and how about Nanci's Afghan!  Nanci's Wolfie also showed that chasing the bunny is something that he wants to do.  We also had Yvette and her hubby out with two young IG's and I mean young.  Their 7 month old IG showed great promise, while their 5 month old IG looked like a smaller version of Vinnie out their - totally focused, quick and wanting to kill a bunny!  Sure hope they come back!


Yes our new line had to become more seasoned after today, and YES I will be off to Walmart for a NEW Deep Cycle battery!!!  Thank you all for your help.


ALSO!  I was thinking, instead of biting my fingernails the whole weekend while Mary is off to the BC Nats with Vinnie (August 27-29), I would probably be more productive by having a practice session.  This would be the weekend BEFORE the great USRCC Labor Day Trials.  Is there an interest?  What day would you want?  What format do you want? Sprint or Oval?  And to Irva's idea, YES, I could reverse the Oval track to more simulate a lure course if most want to opt for the oval format.  Let me know - I will post the essence of these thoughts on the USRCC & RWRG Lists soon!

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