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Wow, what a new Battery will do!

Posted by William Lewis on August 29, 2010 at 11:08 PM

A wonderful oval practice this morning (August 29).  Though the overnight winds tried to bat down our oval track streamers they only got about 25% of them, so all was up in a jiffy for this morning's runs.  We started on time and swiftly moved through the runs completing before 10:30.  Melissa and Liz's boys look more than ready for the upcoming Lure Trials.  BJ and Matt's Tiger looks like he is ready to impress some folks at our upcoming IWRO Sprint and Oval weekend.  Tiger is a contender.  Irva and Crystal had to run off to a previous engagement, but their kids were awesome in clicking off the seconds in a run apiece.  Michelle's wonderful Saluki continue to impress, especially the youngster, extremely fast!  Karen and Bob just had to be pleased with Bruno's efforts, the very definition of enthusiam, as were Matt's Rhodesians.  Matt's puppy worked perfectly well with Carrie's Loki to show how a wonderful relay could be run.  Loki ran the first leg, handing off to Matt's pup for a perfect finish.  And of course, what can you say about Sam!  Just another cruise around the track, well, make that two.  And newcomer, Jodie, with her "Sheba" , showed that Sheba makes the most of those 12 mile a day runs with Mom on her bike - took to it very impressively.  Yvette and Kevin were back with their IG pups who continue to amaze.  Wait til they take the formal course of training on the squawker lure, they will be awesome.  A big Thank You to all who supported today's session.

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