USRCC AKC TRIAL USRCC AKC TRIAL The Ridgeback Clan Chris, Sally and MaryAnne were there to handle their Rhodesian Ridgeback kids. 192719945 The Caliente Tuck Cali loves to hide with her tuck as she approaches the lure, shown with owner/handler Mary and USRCC Huntmaster Liz. 192719946 Cali says let's do it! 192719947 Faith Burnham in charge! 192719948 Therese and her Salukis Therese brought all four of her Saluki and they performed marvelously to include her awesome "Seven" who went BOB. 192719949 USRCC Members ready at the Holding Pen 192719950 Tiger ready to help get Cali certified. 192719951 Off go Cali and Tiger 192719952 The run is completed And a big Thank You to BJ, Matt and Tiger for helping to get Caliente certified. 192719953 Eva Nieminski and her boy, Leo. 192719954 Nora Nieminski, home to spend a couple of days with Leo, and of course her family! 192719955 Cali taking Mary to her starting position 192719956 The field was perfect The beautiful field was made more perfect by overnight rains and the hounds loved it. 192719957 Off goes another course! 192719958 Kathy Barney, USRCC Trial Official 192719959 A colorful bunch! Howie Bailiff and Sharon Johnson always bring "color" to the field. 192719960 Mary taking a quick breather. 192719961 A look at the beautiful layout. 192719962 192868951