RWRG Meet May 31, 2014 RWRG Meet May 31, 2014 Reata's Pond looks tranquil to begin the day. 194327918 The grounds were ready for competition 194327919 AJ Pearson, Reata's Assistant Lure Operator 194327920 Susan Pearson, our Lure Operator Intern! Susan proves the knack for running the lure runs in families. 194327921 Carrie Nanney's Iron Dog Sam I Am,SRCX 194327917 Cynthia Heyman's newbie "Jet" is well named! 194327922 Kelly Scudder, Baako & Jack Tar Kelly's GSD's Baako & Jack Tar are veteran NASR sprinters and both SRC's! 194327923 Emily Whipp and her "Diva" 194327924 The awesome B-17 Flying Fortress A World War II B-17 Flying Fortress thunders over Reata in its first pass of the day. 194327925 Third & final B-17 pass, what a sight & sound! 194327926 Laurie Neebling, always helping! Laurie starts, catches, & fetches the Lure continuously through out our meets. Tireless! 194327927 Cindy Lund & her JRT Dynamo "Tinker" Don't let Tinker's dimunitive size lull you into complacency. When that lure moves this Jack Russell Terrier is relentless and running at warp speed. 194327928 Lynsey Sacher & her GSD, "Schmuel" Relatively new to our scene, Lynsey's Schmuel is adept at both sprint and oval racing! 194327929