Reata Memories Reata Memories "Krystal" Our first whippet, ShoMor's Krystal Montecarlo began our life long love affair with whippets! 69032815 "Beth" Elizabeth of Wyndsor came to us two years after Krystal. Shown here with son Jim. Elizabeth was a fine courser and sprinter, would excell as dam of our first litter. 67480941 "Cody" Kentfield's Wasatch Dakota,RCh,ORC,CC joined us at two months and a month later would be off to Utah and our new home. Our first Champ! 67480942 Sprint track completed! Gini, Mary, Beth and Cody survey the just completed sprint track. Practice/conditioning sessions are ready to go in early 1987! 69434937 Beth likes the new Reata Whippet Park Elizabeth of Wyndsor says "this is the place" for chasing bunnies! 69036484 USRCC is formed After a Fall 1987 practice session this fine crew thought the time has come to form a racing and coursing club and thus the USRCC was formed! 69434936 USRCC celebrates first NAWRA Meet Members celebrate completion of first ever NAWRA Meet in Utah, August 1989. 69179340 "Jett" Reata's Jett Rink, the first of eight healthy pups out of Beth and CH Marial's Whitewater,ARM,ORC "Bonzo" 69034232 "Salty" Marial's Reata Saltwater,SRA,DPC, second of Beth's kids was an excellent sprinter. The CWA's National Champion from 1991 through 1995! 67480948 "Jethro" Reata's Wet Jet,FCh, Beth's third would go Greg Ashworth (shown) and Lynn D'Amato of Colorado. 69036486 "Blaze" Marial's Reata Firewater,ARX,DPC would join Salty at Arthur's acres in the loving home of Mary Beth and Doug Arthur. 69036485 "Cinco" Wegner's Thunderwater of Reata, on right, went to Gail & Dean Wegner in Wisconsin and impressed with puppy races and Show pointed at an early age. A late growth surge returned him to Reata. Suffered a broken leg that ended his racing career. A very handsome boy! 69037549 "Stevie" Reata's Stephanie of Wyndsor,FCh was Beth's only daughter. What she lacked in size she made up for in heart. Geez she was a feisty little girl. 69037550 "Marv" Reata's Marvin Gardens,FCh,CC was a big and handsome boy with houndy ears. He loved everybody and loved to hunt. 67480937 "Lukey" Reata's Lucas McCain,FCh, Beth's last born was a little guy but very fast. Finished his FCh in minimal tries and just came up short on an RCh. 69041886 "Nomad" Regalstock Nomad of Bayview,RCh,ORC joined us in 1991 after the passing of Nomad's owner, Bud Carlson. Won the first ever meet at Reata in 1989 and would go on to sire Tawny's first litter. 67480943 "Casper" Regalstock Casper of Bayview,ORC came to us in May 1993 after the passing of Penny Carlson. Shown here closing out his racing at the Hamilton, Ohio NOTRA Nats that earned him his first ORC point in October 1993! 67480949 Huge NPR/NAWRA Shootout, August 1992 The largest USRCC Meet to this date(50 entries) featured the NPR undefeated Tuffy coming west to challenge NAWRA's Tops, Amplifax. L-R Ann McMath holds her winner Tuffy, David Gill and 2nd place Amps, and Michael Palmer with youngster Frankie Sue, the third place finisher. 67480931 Littermates Reunite! L-R: Don Papin with his Windy Glen's Dusty Roads,RCh,SORCIII and '92 NAWRA Nats winner, reunites with Dusty's littermate, Windy Glen's Tuff Enuf,ARM,ORC, the '92 NPR Nats winner shown with owner Ann McMath. 67480933 "Tawny" Ringdove Rhapsody of Reata,RCh,SORCIV joined us over the 4th of July, 1993 Northern California Whippet Club's Annual Festivities of Conformation, NAWRA & NOTRA Racing! Tawny shown here at Reata with the coveted Lyth Mystique Trophy awarded by Jennifer and Reed Mellinger to the high scoring SORC Bitch at a NOTRA National. Tawny won this beautiful award twice! 67480947 Sloughi's in Colorado, why not Utah? Dr. Dominique de Caprona and Bernd Fritzsch with their beautiful Sloughi at Rocky Mountain Sporting Whippet All Breed NOTRA in 1994. Said they would come to Utah if they could race two days! A Sprint Association for Sighthound Other Breeds would solve that problem - thus LGRA would evolve to reality! 69041885 August 1995 NAWRA Top Three L-R: Ann McMath with her meet winner, "Berry", followed by Mary Lewis and her Tawny, and Cheryl Smith with her "Petey". 67480932 Our staunchest supporters! Relaxing between programs at Reata Whippet Park are a few of the great out of stater's who made Big League Whippet Racing possible in Utah (L-R): Jean Balint of California, Ann McMath of Texas, Cheryl Smith of California, Linda Sanders of Colorado, and Bill McMath of Texas. Without these folks and many others, whippet racing would NOT have happened in Utah. Thank you Folks! 67480935 Top Three USRCC NAWRA 1995 R-L: 1-Corwil's Boka Jetta, 2-Reata's Lucas McCain, 3-Reata's Stephanie of Wyndsor 69433809 Tawny wins '96 NOTRA National Tawny combined a 3rd place finish on day 1's 350m with a 4th on day 2's 300 to take high overall and the NOTRA National victory at gorgeous Windyglen Downs in Anderson, California. She was the only entrant to run all 7 HP's! 67480950 "Mattie" Reata's Waltzing Matilda,FCh(#3) is Tawny and Nomad's first born in late '97. The best courser this biased observer has seen, she is also ORC pointed. 67480939 "Desire" Reata's Notorious Rhapsody went to the loving home of Susan Farebrother on the East Coast. She quickly racked up WRCh and ORC points before a coursing accident cut her life short, months shy of her 2nd birthday. 67480951 "Trace" Reata's Close Encounter was daddy's favorite. Took awhile to get focused but then loved to race. Injuries hampered her career and ultimately led to her early demise. Much too soon. Trace was WRCh and ORC pointed. 67480946 1998 NAWRA NOTRA NATIONALS The RWRG was proud to host this great annual event. L-R: Ann McMath, Jack Lewis and Rosemary Whatley can attest to the great camraderie and great whippet competition these annual events bring. 69433558 '98 Nats Having fun at the Nats are Kim Otero and her great sprinter and sire, "Teddy". Ringdove Quasar,SRCh and Teddy's great admirer, Kimmie Brown. 67480936 '98 Nats "Country" Don Papin making the rounds at Reata and never looking finer! 69433947 Visit to Windyglen Downs California October 2000 and I take Trace(L) and Mattie(R) to Windyglen for another grand race meet weekend hosted by Don and Sally. No sooner was the oval over and Mary calls, we have to go to Texas now to breed Tawny says the Vet! We were off and running!! 67480944 Tawny's Second Litter Arrives On December 27, 2000 the Tawny X Q kids arrive: L-R Isolde, Peppi and Sugar. The trip to Texas was a success! 67480945 "Sugar" Reata's Qwik Chameleon was Tawny's first born of her second litter. ORC and ASFA pointed, her chronic toe problems precluded achievement of those championships. Shown here as "test" dog at the USRCC ASFA Trials over Labor Day Weekend 2009. 67480938 "Peppi" Reata's Rhapsody in Black, followed Sugar in delivery. Here shown at a 2008 RWRG practice/conditioning session. 67480940 "Isolde" Kentfield's Isolde was Tawny's final pup. Owned by David and Merril Woolf of Sonoma, CA. Isolde loved to race, course and to free run with her Kentfield kennel mates. 69041888 Trace breaks for the "Rainbow Bridge" Trace (blue muzzle) breaks out on top at Celina Downs, Texas, on her final run toward the Rainbow Bridge, April 27, 2002. 69041887 "Casey" Lyth Lucky Leprechaun was picked up at beautiful Goldendale when eight weeks old in September 2003. Blessed with tremendous speed, his hopes for championships were dashed with a career ending injury during his first oval meet. Casey is now head cheerleader for his kennel bro, Vinnie. 67481152 Lance wins RWRG Oval, September 19, 2004! "Lance" Windyglen's Tour de France wins our last NOTRA meet of the '04 season and achieves his ORC! Shown with proud owners Clint and JJ Judd. Lance, on right, is accompanied by kennel mates, Onyx and Patches. 69433810 April 29, 2007 IWRO Oval competitors. L-R: Mattie, Sugar, Willow and Peppi going for the lure in program 1. Willow would go on to win the meet over Sugar. 67481162 August 11, 2007 RWRG IWRO Action. L-R: Willow, Harley and Peppi going for the bunny in Program 1 HP. Harley wins race and the Meet! 67481161 August 11, 2007 RWRG Breed Winners Our August 2007 IWRO/LGRA sprint winners. See individual photos to follow. 67481157 August 2007 LGRA Afghan winner. Connie Britton shown with her winner, Malik, joined the competition all the way from Colorado. 67481154 August 2007 LGRA Borzoi winner. In from Idaho, Corinne Miller shown with her breed winner, Sterling, over six other Borzoi! 67481159 August 2007 LGRA Italian Greyhound winner. Local, Janelle Eurick, and her "Comet". Comet was undefeated this day and has yet to suffer a race loss to another IG at Reata, through 2009. One fast boy! This event had 7 IG entries!! 67481158 August 2007 LGRA Rhodesian Ridgeback winner. Local competitor, Beth Lockhart's "Laea" won over 6 other entries to bring her GRC total to one short of her championship. She would finish at our next LGRA in September! 67481155 Harley win's August 2007 IWRO Sprint! Local whippet fancier, Lyman Williams, with his "Harley", QuiXand Foxy Cleopatra. who bested the field of five whippets. 67481156 Afghan's launch at our September 2007 Meet! L-R: Amber White, Gini Park and Mary Lewis launch the fine Afghans of British Columbian Tanya Muise at our September 22/23, 2007 LGRA, NAWRA & NOTRA weekend. Another fine photo by our local photographer de Elegance, Daniel Danrich. 67481165 Reata girls enjoy Fall 2007 practice session. L-R: Peppi, Mattie, and Sugar get some sprints in before the winter temps and snows hit. 67481153 "Vinnie" QuiXand Van Go of Reata, RCh, ORC, ISC, would join us as a young pup on February 11, 2008! Handsome and fast, Vinnie earned his RCh in minimum meets and finished his ORC in one meet over minimum! Vinnie does not believe in wasting time!!! 67481160 June 7. 2008 RWRG IWRO Sprint Meet. L-R: Ahne, Sugar, Peppi and Willow going for the lure in Program 1 HP, won by Willow who would win the Meet over 6 other entries. Willow would go on to be IWRO's first Independent Sprint Champion (ISC). 67481166 August 29, 2009 RWRG IWRO Sprint L-R: Xena, Vinnie, Peppi, Ahni and Willow going for the finish. Vinnie wins the race and meet to gain 3ISC points. Ahni was top female to bring her to within 1 point of her ISC! 67481164 September 25, 2011 Oval Practice And Mischiefs Fire and Rain, "Caliente" is ready to oval! 138710404 Caliente watching the lure 138710403 I am ready to oval! Caliente is ready to run the oval which she did in very credible time of 18.47 seconds! 138710405 Vinnie awarded Dusty Memorial Trophy The Top Award for the River City Racing Association's Thanksgiving Weekend NOTRA Meet is the gorgeous Trophy created to honor and sustain the memory of Windy Glen's Dusty Roads. Vinnie was honored to win that meet in 2011. 164363871 Vinnie can still stretch at almost 8! Thank you Laurie Neebling for photos- 9/12/2015 199690773 As Vinnie goes by! 199690772