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2011 photos of the Reata Whippet Park oval configuration. Prior to 1990, NOTRA's approved racing configurations were of lengths of 220 meters, 350 meters and 440 yards. Additionally, there were several Greyhound training tracks that were approved for NOTRA use. The first NOTRA oval held at Reata was in May 1990 over a distance of 220 meters. Since the field had additional space, David Woolf drew up a design for a "Modified 300yd" course layout. "Modified" because it was modified from the original 220m layout. The layout was submitted to NOTRA Founder/Director after the May 1990 meet and approved by him for use at Reata's second oval meet of the 1990 season and used successfully since then. The boxes shown were constructed by Bill McMath for the 1993 NAWRA National/Western Whippet Derby and the extensive labor required to build these fine boxes was donated by Bill, and we are forever grateful.
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