Reata Whippet Racing Group

Sighthound Racing and Coursing Competition in Utah


Twenty three whippets have blessed our lives since our first joined us in 1983.  All were special and deeply loved and they returned that favor to us many times over.  Following is our roster of whippets, all of whom, graced us with their presence at Reata:

"Krystal"  Sho Mor's Krystal Montecarlo (1982-1995) - bred by Arlene Wyscarver, Krystal joined us as a pup in early 1983 when we lived in Southern California.  A racer with heart, though rarely exceeding D grade status, she lived to race or course.  An accomplished ASFA courser, was close to her FCh but never attained due to our move to Utah.

"Beth"  Elizabeth of Wyndsor (1984-1997) - bred by Jean Balint, Beth joined us as a pup in early 1985 after our relocation from Southern back to Northern California.  Beth, too, was prevented from finishing her FCh by our move to Utah in late 1986.  When motivated, Beth could sprint with A grade NPR sprinters and most of her littermates were ARM and/or ORC racers.  Beth would excell as the dam of our first litter in late 1989.

"Cody"  Kentfield's Wasatch Dakota,RCh,ORC,CC (1986-1998) - bred by Merril and David Woolf, Cody came to our family at two months of age.  Our first male, Cody's personality was electrifying!  He became our protector, house comedian and scrounger.  No counter or reefer top was off limits to Cody, just ask him!  Shortly after Cody's arrival, the family was off to a new home and property in Utah, which we called "Reata" from our mutual love of the movie "Giant".  Once our property was cleared of brush, small training boxes built, lure equipment purchased from Injoy, Cody was off to the races taking to it naturally.  Cody earned his ORC and CC in 1989 (the latter thanks to the great handling of Merril Woolf in California's NOFCA Open Field competition).  Open field coursing dampened Cody's enthusiasm somewhat for sprint racing, but he eventually finished his RCh in 1991!

1989 was a great year for Reata as the USRCC finally was authorized to hold its first NAWRA Meet weekend in August.  Later in the year, Elizabeth was bred to Mary Beth and Doug Arthur's "Bonzo", CH Marial's Whitewater,ARM,ORC of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Our first "Reata" litter arrived on December 19, my retirement present from Beth as I retired from the Phone Company on December 30th!  She gave us Eight terrific whippets and they all arrived healthy!!

"Jett"  Reata's Jett Rink (1989-2005) was our least accomplished whippet, but what he lacked in accomplishment he made up for in personality.  Though not very fast, he loved to sprint race.  Oval racing and lure coursing were not for him, no way he would chase plastic?!  He loved the open field though he scared us to death when he disappeared down a badger hole - fortunately for Jett, the badger wasn't home.  In the late '90s, Jean Balint attended an oval meet (she attended most all of our Meet weekends from '89-'98!) and suggested putting a small strip of rabbit skin on the oval lure - and Jett developed into a late bloomer on the oval track!

"Salty"  Marial's Reata Saltwater,SRA,DPC (1989-2002) was Mary Beth Arthur's "Pick" of the litter on her visit in March 1990.  Salty's racing career would blossom in the new Continental Whippet Alliance(CWA) venue.  He quickly earned his ARX and would go on to supercede that Racing championship with the supreme Superior Racing Award.  He was blessed with 11.2 second speed on Arthur's Acres up hill track and would be the CWA's National Champion from 1991 through 1995 and in the Top Three for 1996 as he closed the year at age 7 with retirement.  Conformation events held in conjunction with CWA race meets earned Salty a Dual Purpose Championship as well.

"Jethro"  Reata's Wet Jett,FCh (1989-2005) was acquired as a pup by Greg Ashworth and Lyn D'Amato of Englewood, Colorado.  He earned his ASFA Field Championship and raced infrequently at a couple of the Rocky Mountain Sporting Whippet sprints and entered our NAWRA Nationals here at Reata in 1993. 

"Blaze"  Marial's Reata Firewater,ARX,DPC (1989-2001) was also picked to accompany Salty back to Wisconsin.  Living with Mary Beth's parents, the wonderful Strauss's, next to Arthur's Acres, Blaze also showed racing mettle and achieved his sprint championship and dual purpose championship.

"Cinco"  Wegner's Thunderwater of Reata (1989-2003) was picked by Mary Beth for Gail and Dean Wegner, also of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Like Salty, Cinco showed great potential in puppy races and also earned AKC Conformation points before a late growth burst put him precariously at the height limit so he returned to Reata.  Shortly after his return, Cinco, travelled with the Reata gang to the January 1991 Southern Nevada Sighthound Assn racing weekend and won the puppy meet.  Shortly after that weekend Cinco suffered a career ending broken leg with infection complications.  He would have to endure several surgeries to get him back to functionality.  He was Jack's constant companion and best friend!

"Stevie"  Reata's Stephanie of Wyndsor,FCh (1989-2002) The only girl of the litter and the smallest (22lbs!) but was she feisty.  Loved to race and course and finished her FCh in minimal time.  Probably the high point of her career was two top ten finishes (8th & 7th) at Arthur's Acre's in late August 1996 - a Reata/Marial family reunion over a race meet weekend.  Stevie enjoyed her other vocation, that of being "Tawny's" trainer!

"Marv"  Reata's Marvin Gardens,FCh,CC (1989-2003) Marv was never supposed to run as a puppy injury resulted in surgery on his left rear leg that returned its structural integrity but with limited extension.  Marvin had other ideas and soon showed his mettle in open field coursing with NOFCA wins in Utah and Wyoming.  When the USRCC finally received accredidation from ASFA, Marv was off and running toward an FCh in minimum time!  Marv was also an accomplished oval racer and was ORC pointed.  Marvin loved to hunt and reached a high point in infamy when he broke out of his crate at Windyglen Downs and dispatched a Peacock of her brood and the Peacock herself escaped in the nick of time.  Only Joni Cochran applauded Marv's efforts?!

"Lucas"  Reata's Lucas McCain,FCh (1989-2000) Our little "Lukey" was so handsome and along with his brother Cinco, drew admiring glances constantly.  He proved to be a fast little guy as well.  He took to NAWRA sprinting in a hurry and rapidly scored points toward his RCh.  But luck would doom his RCh goal as a coursing injury prempted racing for over a year (at age 3) and he would fall short at 12.5 RCh points.  His speed and agility in ASFA events were quickly rewarded with an FCh.  At the Reata/Marial reunion at Arthur's Acres in 1996, Lucas bagged 6 ARX points over the two day weekend.  It also ended our curiousity about how Lukey would do against big brother Salty, Lucas didn't stand a chance!

"Nomad"  Regalstock Nomad of Bayview,RCh,ORC (1986-2003) When veteran Whippet Fanciers and racing fans, Bud & Penny Carlson, began campaigning Nomad in 1987, I took notice.  I fell in love with Nomad's blanched fawn color and black mask, not to mention his great speed.  Nomad also happened to win our first ever NAWRA Meet in Utah over 40+ entries!  After Bud Carlson passed away in 1991, Penny asked if I could find him a home.  We did and we picked up Nomad in Las Vegas.  The new owner was supposed to pick him up a week later but did not show up and that made our day!  Though Nomad was then approaching veteran status, he wowed us with several NAWRA & NOTRA Meet wins thereafter, at age 5 & 6!  Nomad would go on to be the Sire of our second litter in 1997.

"Casper"  Regalstock Casper of Bayview,ORC (1991-2003)  A year following Bud Carlson's passing, Penny realized how much she missed a whippet in her home and Casper became the answer.  When Penny passed away in early 1993, her closest friend in Las Vegas, Christine Cormany called and said Penny would want to have Casper come to Reata and he did.  Casper just began his racing career with Penny and showed potential.  At the NOTRA Nationals in late '93 in Hamilton, Ohio, Casper would earn his first ORC point (actually a half point) and would go on to complete his oval racing championship.  A shy and lovable boy, he would prove to be a very special asset to our home.

"Tawny"  Ringdove Rhapsody of Reata,RCh,SORCIV (1993-2008) Mary got an opportunity offer before going to the annual NCWC 4th of July Weekend of 1993 from Merril Woolf - Tony and Helena James, breeders of the legendary Ringdove racing whippets, were coming down from British Columbia to race and they were bringing down two puppies they had for sale.  The first pick was to another party, but if you had interest, you could buy too!  Mary had interest!  The two pups were red fawn and gorgeous, but being partial to black masks, I certainly fell in love with that one.  The choice was made and the black masked female was left.  And thus we came home with Tawny!!  From the beginning Tawny had "the eye".  When that lure started to move, her focus was evident like no other whippet we had ever seen.  Tawny grew up to a soaking wet weight of 26lbs, but behind that "eye" was also a heavyweight "heart".  That heart would overwhelm any disadvantages she had in weight and speed, and she WAS fast!  Tawny earned her RCh and ORC very quickly and was soon on the Top Ten lists of both NAWRA and NOTRA.  But, she really loved to oval, and with going into season every six months, we soon limited her sprint appearances in favor of oval.  Tawny won the 1996 NOTRA National held at Windyglen Downs in Anderson, California.  In July 1997 Tawny became the all time NOTRA bitch, a record she held long after her retirement, and passing as well, to 2009.  Tawny was and always will be our "Queen of Reata".  Thank you Tony & Helena James and Merril & David Woolf for the unforgettable opportunity of a lifetime!

1997 was a pivotol year for Tawny.  Early in the year we had planned to take her to Jamestown, Virginia for the NOTRA Nationals, even buying a new tent trailer for the event.  But she came up with a muscle strain after a meet and we decided to rest her for some time.  By Summer Tawny seemed to be her regular self and began running again to include the July meet that earned her all time status.  Then, after winning the NCWC Labor Day Oval, the injury recurred.  Time to retire?  We gave it serious thought.  Also in our thoughts was the desire to breed Tawny to Nomad and he wasn't getting any younger, just turning 11!  Mary's co-owner, David Woolf agreed, and our second litter would be delivered on November 1997 with three healthy girls.

"Mattie"  Reata's Waltzing Matilda,FCh,CR (1997-2013)  A little fawn girl of 25 to 26 pounds, Mattie was a natural courser and obtained her FCh in minimal time.  Mattie is also ORC pointed and at times was an "A" grade ovaler until she decided that those big dogs bounced her around too much.  Mattie continued to run until 2009 and retired just shy of her 12th birthday. 

"Desire"  Reata's Notorious Rhapsody (1997-1999)  Another fawn girl but with a black mask, she most resembled her dad.  She was purchased by long time Tawny fan, Sue Farebrother of Notorious Whippets and given a great home in New York.  Unfortunately a coursing collision resulted in her passing at much too soon an age, less than 2.  In her very short racing career she quickly picked up 4 WRCh and 4 ORC points and seemed a lock to finish her WRA sprint and NOTRA oval championships.

"Trace"  Reata's Close Encounter (1997-2002)  Deep red fawn with black face and of substantial build, she was Daddy's favorite girl.  It took a while to keen her up and she didn't start racing until two years of age.  Finally off to a good start she suffered an injury to a rear foot that was misdiagnosed and not found until a second break was suffered six months later.  After rehabilitation she had another burst of good performance until she started picking up the same foot after two or three programs.  After a meet in Ohio, a friend found that a toe nail previously removed, had grown back through her pad!!  Trace's bad fortune continued as after her next rehabilitation, she would suffer a life ending spinal cord embolism doing what she loved best, chasing the bunny.  Our "Woo Woo" girl was WRCh and ORC pointed, and crossed the bridge much much too soon, breaking Daddy's heart.

The new millenium came and David Woolf suggested Tawny be bred to Ann & Bill McMath's great racer, Dreams Quik Enuff,WRChX,RCh,ORC.  The McMath's, Tawny fans as well, agreed and we had a wonderful trip to their beautiful home in Texas.  On December 27, 2000 Tawny gave a labor intensive delivery to three more girls!

"Sugar"  Reata's Quik Chameleon,OTRM (2000-2017)  Sugar seemed to change color every other week from her birth and thus "Chameleon" had to be part of her name!  Black mask and sable in color, Sugar took to her training quickly.  Unfortunately her FTE, with her sister Peppi, was in the same meet that would be Trace's last.  So Sugar did not race for awhile.  When she got back on the track she quickly racked up ORC points but also toe injuries.  The injuries would effectively end her quest for an ORC.

"Peppi"  Reata's Rhapsody in Black,OTRM (2000-2014) Peppi was our first black whippet, just like her dad.  Unlike her dad (& mom) it took awhile before Peppi would demonstrate interest in the lure.  By the time she did, she became a fine runner but her age tempered the speed she had left.  The locals are still amazed at how well she ran at the ages of 7 and 8.  At our last practice session of 2009, Peppi took a spinal cord injury that paralyzed her rear legs.  After 8 weeks of therapy at Bountiful's Animal Care Center K9 Therapy she has rebounded with movement restored and is now able to walk without assistance.

"Isolde"  Kentfield's Isolde (2000- ?)  Isolde was a red fawn with black mask, much like her mother.  David Woolf would take her home to Sonoma, California.  Isolde took to racing and coursing quickly and became a fine oval runner.  In April 2004 on a trip to the AWC Nationals in North Carolina, Isolde got out of an accidentally left open gate and never again seen, despite the tremendous search efforts put on by Merril Woolf and many, many whippet fanciers.  We hope she was found by someone who gave her a good home.

"Casey"  Lyth Lucky Leprechaun (2003 - 2016)  Out of Lyth Mambo and Lyth Windwalker, I was tipped on this litter by Susan Heiniger and Carolyn Bates.  When I checked Tony Lewis's website I was captivated by Casey's photo - a spittin image of my beloved Nomad!  I immediately went to Tony and he agreed to my purchase.  Eight weeks after Casey's birth I was off to a Camano Island Race Meet weekend in Washington and took Mattie and Peppi.  Peppi had a nice Top Ten outing on the oval and the next morning I found my way to gorgeous Goldendale, Washington to pick up Casey and have a nice reunion with Tony and Karen.  Casey was a tad slow to train but when the light finally went on, it was on!  Casey debuted on his home track and won his first program, then beat the Meet winner in 2 of the 3 remaining programs to take the top RCh points and second in the meet.  The following day he won his first oval race (12 year old Tawny was third of four running the heat, her last meet!).  Casey went to the High Point in the second program and as he went between the dogs who would eventually go 1-2 in meet, taking the lead coming out of the first turn, he pulled up with a foot injury that destroyed two toes in his right rear leg, a career ending injury!  Visits to specialists in three states offered no hope.  A deep disappointment to Casey and his owners - did he LOVE to run!  Meanwhile, we just loved having Casey around, a fantastic member of our Reata Gang.

"Vinnie"  QuiXand Van Go of Reata,RCh,ORC,ISC (2007 - 2020)  At our last NAWRA/NOTRA Meet of 2007, Merril Woolf was out with Gina Caspersen and they told us of a breeding that Susan Heiniger had underway between Wendigo and Stuart, wow, how could that miss?!  We immediately emailed Susan that we had an interest!  The handsome Vinnie soon joined the family.  Does he love to run!  He began his NAWRA career in Orange, CA in March 2009 and in minimum meets, finished his RCh in Tehachapi, CA in July 2009!  At the end of October he would begin his NOTRA career in Goldendale, WA at the Soward's fine track.  He won the first day and would take a second on the second day to leave Goldendale with 3 ORC points.   Vinnie won his first four NOTRA (SCWA, RCRA, RCRA and NCWC) Meets in 2010 to achieve his Oval Racing Championship-ORC, on July 4!  Vinnie was able to get to five NOTRA Meets in 2011, all in Northern California and came away with two meet wins and two second place finishes and a very difficult sixth place finish in the tough weather conditions of the Western Whippet Derby in Chico, California, held in conjunction with the NAWRA Nationals in October 2011.  2012 has been tough so far to Vinnie having to scratch due to injury in his first NOTRA event of the season, but rebounding nicely with one NOTRA meet wins and two IWRO sprint wins, the latter of which earned him is Independent Sprint Championship(ISC).  We noticed a slight favoring of his right front paw which became truly evident at the 2012 Fourth of July meet after one heat.  As a result Vinnie went through surgery and is now getting back to a carefully orchestrated conditioning program in September 2012.

"Caliente". Mischiefs Fire and Rain,FCh (2010 -       ), came to us by way of her breeder's plea that she was being returned from her Canadian owner due to circumstances beyond the control of that owner.  Being aware of the fine Mischief hounds produced by Pascale and JJ Jones, we took the opportunity to let Pascale and JJ know that we had a great interest.  Vinnie needed a companion to go with him to racing events here at home and away.  On the 4th of July weekend of 2011, "Cali" joined up with Mary at the Northern California Whippet Club's NOTRA event.  Cali is an absolutely gorgeous girl, red with a black mask, and does not want for energy!  She has proven to be a quick learner in her training and very focused on the lure.  Cali debuted in her sporting events at the USRCC's ASFA trial of Labor Day Weekend, the Friday event, winning both her courses to take a Second Place Finish overall.  She then accompanied Mary and Vinnie to the NCWC's Labor Day NOTRA, entering that event, the first time even running an oval, and performed true, keen and with great promise for the future.  Our "Cali Girl" is off to a nice start in 2012 racing to include a  4th place finish at a  RCRA meet in April.  Later, in only her 5th complete NOTRA Meet, a Meet Win at the NCWC's Labor Day event.  Additional opportunities on both straight and oval should prove rewarding for her.